Day: 09/16/2014

Week 2 of the HTGAM / WSR vendor of the month raffle !

Welcome one and all ! Gather around Ladies and, Gents we are here week number two of the Wet Shaver Review and How to Grow a Moustache / Synergy raffle for the Vendor of the month Mr. Douglas Smythe has generously offered to our online community ! Yes this is the new face of how these raffles will go out to our members on the Wet Shaver Review, but instead of things getting lost over time in the shuffle here it remains permanent. I hope that hold some value to us as we can always reference this down the road.  SO onto the raffle shall we ?


This week is AWESOME ! I just bought (Yes I do buy from all vendors, no free rides here). The winner of this weeks raffle are:

1- 8 oz. Tin of Synergy soaps Pumpkin 3.14 (pie) as well as

1- 3.5 fl. oz. bottle of the matching after shave Autumn Factory

Like I said I JUST received mine yesterday and I am biting at the bit for October so I can start my seasonal change to the fall and winter themed soaps and creams. SO HOW DO YOU ENTER ?

AND Finally !

  • either email, call, post on the Google plus page (just use the hashtag for the Moustache and Blade show), ask a question. NOT ABOUT SYNERGY or HTGAM or, even Douglas himself. Ask a Shaving related question. For example how to make a bowl lather, selecting the proper blade for you….etc. Shave related questions, not HTGAM or, Synergy. All questions are great beginner to advanced questions. also by phone you can ask the question at 347- 333-1511

That’s it ! Just PM me when you have completed these three tasks ( really 2 out of the three are single clicks of a button ! ) and only me….. Do NOT COMMENT in the pinned post box or, you will be disqualified so only PM me directly. I will add your name in the Pinned post section. Thanks everyone and GOOD luck.

I think international members will like this !! HTGAM is opening this up internationally !!!! The only thing is that if a non-CONUS member wins the Autumn Factory aftershave will be alcohol-free !! Good luck to all  – Aaron