October 2014 Vendor of the Month “Petal Pusher Fancies”

Ladies and Gents gather around ! Fall is upon us, and I am very happy to have this months Vendor of the Month with us as this is an exclusive for Petal Pusher Fancies and the Wet Shaver Review ! Frances Towle has been in the artisan scene longer than most by a long margin and makes some of the best organic soaps, moustache waxes, removers, deodorants as well as other products ! A little about this dynamic woman behind one of the best artisan companies around In her own words ” Somewhere in the Western Deserts of the United States a mild mannered acupuncturist found herself, up till this point, chasing mirages, and never finding that oasis.

I had been looking all over the world for products like the ones you will find here. Handmade, carefully crafted products, good for your body, mind and spirit!

I grew up in a family where the kitchen was a place of crafty inspiration! My father created a lotion specifically to help heal and protect horses hooves. I remember wanting to help out in any way I could as I watched my dad cook lotion on the kitchen stove. Little did I know these early experiences would someday help me create Petal Pusher Fancies.

I had been practicing acupuncture for many years until I finally needed to give into my creative side and try my hand at soap making. The rest is history.

Welcome to Petal Pusher Fancies, I am at your service!



Let’s welcome a wonderful lady, and an amazing artisan for many products Frances from Petal Pusher Fancies !!


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