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Shaving Soap- WSP Rustic Shaving Soap Sandalwood

Razor- Muhle R89

After Shave- HTGAM Tombstone

Brush- Pav Brushworks Pav 7 Custom

Razor Blade- Shark Super Chrome (1)

Bowl- Van Der Hagen Shaving Bowl

Yesterday my son received the WSP Sandalwood, and after smelling it, I had to try it. So after a nice shower tonight I borrowed it. To start I really liked the scent, pure Sandalwood. I covered the puck while I was showering with hot water to bloom the scent. this brought out a slightly smoky Sandalwood scent which was nice but not really strong. I tend to gravitate stronger scents so I was a little bummed but not put off at all. I achieved a great lather very quickly loading my brush, and commenced to face lather. I achieved a nice thick cushioning lather right away. The scent was very pleasant throughout but only slightly increased in strength. Using my Muhle R89 with a fresh Shark Super Chrome blade I started shaving.

The R89 is a great mild razor that never fails to give a great shave. I’m re-visiting the Shark blades as I was not impressed with them in the past. They were ok, better than I remember but nothing special. Not going in the rotation as I have plenty of other blades, but I wouldn’t bypass them either. The Pav7 as you know is my absolute favorite and I will do a full review in the near future. Just going to say it is awesome!

All in all I’m very happy with this soap. A bit dry post shave but I need to get the water to soap ratio dialed in better. But it is slick. I’ve heard so much about this soap lately due to price point and performance. The price point is phenomenal and the performance is great. I hope Craig doesn’t want it back too soon or I will have to buy it. Along with Vetiver. You can not go wrong with this soap and I found it paired very well with the HTGAM Tombstone one of my favorite aftershaves. I won’t bore you by going into it as Aaron has a great review on it on wetshaverreview.com

Thanks for reading.

Pete S

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