Week 1 raffle Petal Pusher Fancies !

Ladies and Gents ! We have our first weekly raffle from Petal Pusher Fancies ! Frances first of all is making it very clear that this is a worldwide event ! CONUS does NOT apply here ! This is a very fun educational and light hearted raffle that will leave you with a little better understanding of both soap making and the specifics of her brand Petal Pushers Fancies. Now no answers are on her website, but I do recommend you become acquainted with it www.petalpusherfancies.com for the future upcoming weeks and for that matter take a look around ! So what is for raffle

The Winner of this raffle will win themselves a large tin of Briar Soap ! This is an amazing soap and unfortunately was discontinued, so this is a special prize to say the least !

PPF new w website

To become entered there are 4 questions all of which are easily obtainable. Please PM me Aaron on the WSR Facebook page only and do not post anything in the comment boxes or, that will disqualify you immediately from the contest. So here are the questions.

1. There are two forms of Lye what are they ?

2. What are the chemical names of both of these forms of lye ? think periodic table of elements.

3. What Lye makes a “croap” ?

4. Where in the world does Kokum come from and name one other use for Kokum besides our soap ?


That is it folks, al of these questions are very obtainable. The deadline for entry will be noon EST on Friday October 10th, 2014 and the winner announced between the 10th and 12th when the next raffle is announced. Good luck to everyone !

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