Month: December 2014

SOTD: December 31st, 2014 “Happy New Years Eve !”

Two days posting a SOTD in a row ! I’m on a roll  here. I thought for a while about today’s shave and I wanted to make it special, as this year has had many ups and downs in the community in general. Today’s shave was the up’s of 2014 and the products I was most proud of for whatever reason….. I figured I’d bring the year out with a high note. So to keep it simple.


  • Soap: Synergy “Chocolate Bourbon” – It was the official soap of the Wet Shaver Review and carried our logo to my knowledge we were also the first to have a regular line up group soap offering by a distributor. I was and am very proud of that fact, and count it as one of my personal high points for 2014. Not to mention it is just an amazing scent ! It’s still available but under the new company name of Phoenix Artisan Accruements.



  • Brush: Simpson’s X2L “Colonel” – Simply put it proved to me that a major brand can produce a quality brush worth the price tag. I of all my gear always put the brush last….the X2L made me re-think this after a very long time and finally in 2014 this brush made the art of brush making and luxury hair in the forefront of my purchasing. This brush led to man more brush purchases, and delving into exotic hairs and horse etc. This is not my “go-to” brush at all nor, the most artistic brush I own, but it was the one that got me to the next level.




  • Razor: Dubl Duck “Satin Baby”- This was my fist straight razor,  which I started using a straight razor early in 2014 on April fools day to be exact 4/1/2014. Matt Pissarcik of Razor Emporium helped me choose this razor and it is perfect as it is the shorter version (length of blade) though it is still 5/8,  of the more known “Satinedge”. The “SatinBaby” is a somewhat a rarer razor in the Dubl Duck line up;  but perfect for my facial fur, and navigating my face. Today I nailed my shave ! a perfect way to end the year, and that spike point didn’t bite me once !




  • After shave: HTGAM “Chocolate Bourbon” – Again simple choice it matches the soap…. not much more to say 🙂



  • Balm/Other: Alt Innsbruck Emulsion- This was not really “needed” as the after shave contains a lot of moisturizing oils, but I wanted to end the year with something new. I must say I liked it as a post shave ! A lot of reviews complained it was too oily and smelled funky. I only used 5 drops and it absorbed easily into an already moisturized face. The smell was akin to the cologne IMO but not as strong and I can see where people could dislike it. It definitely left my face very moisturized and didn’t interfere at all with the Chocolate Bourbon’s aroma. It’s a keeper in my book, and I’ll have to try it as a pre-shave at some point as well.



Today’s shave was simple as you can see, but it meant something to me….this represented my 2014 and a few accomplishments, and new things that happened in the year that made me smile just a bit more. I wish everyone a happy and safe new year, and may 2015 bring us all as much or more than ever.

– Aaron

  • Pre: Clarisonic w/ Deep pore head and deep pore cleanser
  • Prep: HTGAM Pre-Shave butter balm
  • Soap: Synergy “Chocolate Bourbon”
  • Brush: Simpson’s X2L “Colonel”
  • Razor: Vintage Dubl Duck “SatinBaby”
  • Lather type: Bowl
  • Moustache type: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: Pinaud black & Hairbond “Distorter”
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, RazoRock alum
  • After Shave: HTGAM “Chocolate Bourbon
  • Balm/other: Alt Innsbruck pre/post emulsion (5 drops)

SOTD: December 30th, 2014 “Malbolge”

It’s been quite a long time sine I’ve made a post, but I have in one day shaved every day for 365 days straight ! I figured I would share with everyone for the next few days my Shaves of the Day. This particular one goes out to Peter Charkalis who did a wonderful YouTube video called the “Tobacco soap Showdown” ! it inspired today’s shave. I hope you enjoy, and how you watch Peter’s video as I found it a great video.

Peter made a great video the “Tobacco soap showdown ! ” so I of course used a tobacco soap myself today in the old school Tobacco Tuesday vein I always (and many others) used to do. I used Petal Pushers Fancies “Malbolge” not to be confused with any PAA offering this is the original. I wanted to throw in a interesting point I noticed just today. “Malbolge” is not what I would consider a “tobacco” scent, and actually is a bit on the sweeter side. I love the soap but it is way more complex than just a tobacco soap though it is underlying in the mix and very green.

Jump forward to the post shave, and if you have the matching after shave. The after shave opens up much like the soap complex with a green tobacco aroma, and quickly becomes a darker and heavier scent more of a pipe tobacco scent, not the unsmoked tobacco but reminiscent of a pipe AFTER it has been smoked which to many of use is a great smell; nothing like a cigarette or, cigar. Pipes tend to be very aromatic and smell quite good.

I just wanted for no other reason than it was my SOTD which I really don’t post anymore and Peter made such a great video on Tobacco soaps I figured I’d share my thoughts as well. Cheers !


Pre: Clarisonic Aria with hydrogel and normal brush head
Prep: Hot Shower with a Clinique face bar
Soap: Petal Pusher Fancies “Malbolge”
Brush: Thater 4292/4 Edelhozer in Cocobolo wood 2-band badger
Razor: Thiers-Issard 6/8 Sheep & Wolf in true horn scales
Lather type: Scuttle
Moustache type: Handlebar tight turned multiple ring
Wax & Pomade: PPF black Dandy Candy & Uppercut deluxe
After shave: Petal Pusher Fancies: Malbolge