Day: 01/28/2015

SoTD ~ 27January2015 ~ New Soap

Thanks Lamar for entering our contest on the Wet Shaver Review on Facebook. I’m glad your enjoying your selection ! No doubt Irena make some wonderful products. check out her website at

Lamar's Daily Diary

Won a contest and received my first Ginger’s Garden soap. I selected, with her recommendation, the tallow based version of this scent. Set some time aside if you head to her website. The scent list is pretty long. Also there are things there for the ladies and bearded men. Back to the soap! The labeling is water resistant so that is a plus for those of us who post Shave of the Day photos. The inside diameter of the plastic jar is 3 1/4 inches unscrewed. The inside of the jar with the top popped open is 2 7/8 inches. Flipping the top provides a bit of a lip too, but I prefer the diameter of the lid unscrewed. It only took a few seconds to get enough loaded for 3 or 4 passes. I found the scent alluring which has got me to thinking abut ordering the matching aftershave…

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Your first straight razor ? Ralf Aust in 5/8 …Absolutely !

I see lately a huge interest in shaving traditionally with a straight razor, also called a cut-throat razor, or simply a “straight”. I see a lot of opinions, and of course I have my own as well. I am not an expert, but I know a few 🙂 and they all are in agreement that while cheaper brands are in the market; you really are getting your monies worth and then some with a 5/8 round point Ralf Aust in faux ebony scales !

This is a great jumping point or, even the only blade you’ll ever need…..until you catch the bug, and want that next “straight” to add to your shave den ! I hope you enjoy this fast overview, and shave with my NEW format !!! Please comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts on the razor, your suggestions, and what you thought of my new video style ! Thanks for watching. – Aaron


  • Pre: Clarisonic Aria with normal head and hydrogel cleanser medium setting
  • Prep: Hot Shower w/ Clinique face bar
  • Cream: Taylor of old Bond street “Mr. Taylor”
  • Brush: Nathan Clark 2-Band custom
  • Razor: Ralf Aust 5/8 round point in faux ebony scales
  • Lather: Scuttle
  • Moustache: Dahli
  • Wax and Pomade: TOBS “Mr. Taylor’s” moustache wax & Layrite Super Hold
  • Post Shave: Cold water rinse and Alum
  • After Shave: Barrister & Mann original “Kyovu”
  • EDT: Versace Eros