Back to the origins

Some years ago (in 2008) I decided to switch back to Wet Shaving. I already had had a Wet Shaving period, but I was 18 and it didn’t last much.

When I started again, TOBS Lemon and Lime cream was my first “serious” cream. I still remember the day I bought it in a fine shop in the city centre. From that day, I never came back to canned goo again! During these years I tried several products of the TOBS line and none of them disappointed me.

If I had to choose the scent which I like most, I’d tell you Mr. Taylor without any hesitation. As you can see in the picture, I love this scent so much that I have almost the full range (in the past I also tried the bath gel, very nice, too!). As you can guess, being a Wet Shaver means having dozens of different soaps, and I’m no different. Some days I like to experiment with soaps/creams and AS combinations, other days I prefer to go to a safe haven and TOBS is my primary choice.

This scent, IMHO, epitomises the classic English taste; it exudes elegance from the first moment you open the bottle of AS/Cologne. This elegance is also present in the Cream and in the Talcum powder. If I had to make a present to a teenager to make him wish switching to Wet Shaving, this would be my n°1 scent choice. It’s elegant without being too “old man” style, nor too complex like, for example, Eucris by GEO F. Trumper (which I love) can be.

If you happen to visit London, you can’t miss the Jermyn Street area (Piccadilly); paying a visit to TOBS, Penhaligon’s and Geo F. Trumper shops is mandatory, for the Wet Shaving enthusiast!

The performance of the cream is standard Taylor, which means great! Great protection, great slickness, perfect post-shave feeling. The price of the TOBS products, moreover, is another factor which makes these products absolute winners! Of the 3 Ts, TOBS is the one with the most affordable prices, nonetheless the quality is top notch!

This is my first article on WSR, more to follow!

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