Beyond The Shave

     We also want to explore fragrance this year. I know many of our dear readers and followers do enjoy richly scented soaps/creams and aftershaves. I myself do. However, I’m the sort who mainly appreciates a “clean slate” in terms of my shave; an unscented or lightly scented soap/cream and aftershave. Why?
     2015 I devoted myself to aftershaves. With the wide variety of scents, one wouldn’t need a strongly scented soap, merely a powerful aftershave. However, the line between aftershave and EdC/EdT/EdP is a small one, and I crossed it hurriedly. After trying nearly everything available locally (surprisingly good selection, even in my small town), I went to Fragrantica. DISCLAIMER: Fragrantica is the Wikipedia of smell: You’ll start by checking out Pinaud Clubman and end up lamenting the loss of a perfume you’ll never get to smell.  From there, I opened my eyes to many fragrances I’d have never given the time to. This was also in part from the helpful nudges from the owner of Barrister & Mann, who suggested that I get my hands on the latest Penhaligon’s release, Ostara.
   With that suggestion, I promptly headed to Fragrantica, to find rave reviews. However, it said that Ostara was a women’s fragrance. I consulted with Will, and he basically told me that gender in fragrance doesn’t matter; essentially it’s a marketing ploy. And after researching the origins of Old Spice, yeah, it really is. So I tried Ostara. I loved Ostara. And from there went on to try a whole host of other scents.
    So I’ll warn you, some of these scents may not appeal to you if you base fragrance solely on gender. That’s cool, but you’re missing out. Otherwise, enjoy the ride!

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