Surprise surprise…

When it comes to scents, especially here in Italy, the most common ones are the usual Almond, Lavender, Menthol you will find in dozens of products, sometimes mixed with some more uncommon ingredients.

Personally, I often tend to look for the hidden gems or the unusual, not to say weird-sounding items, and with this attitude I was instantly interested when I read about a soap which  scent was the one of a forest fire in Texas! After reading some reviews online, most of which positive, although warning that this would be a love-or-hate-it scent, I put it in my wish-list. Then, my girlfriend purchased it (together with a stunning total of 12 soaps) for my birthday and I was able to try it personally.

In my previous post I said that Tiki Bar Soap was the N° 1 Surprise of the past year. Well, Stirling came a close second.  IMHO, it deserves the N° 1 spot for the Best “Bang for the Buck” category! Great protection, very easy to lather with all kinds of brushes and strong scents (I love soaps which scents linger in the air for a while).

Back to Texas on Fire, the first time I smelled it I was hit by a strong smoky scent, like the one of campfires. Smoky but also woodsy, leathery and earthy and, most of all, manly! This is how I’d describe this soap. I agree with all those reviewers who said this is probably a love-or-hate-it scent. Those who prefer subtler scents would discard this fine Stirling offering. On the contrary, those, like myself, who are constantly looking for unusual scents, will love it!

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