Skin Bracer

     Yeah, so I’m late to the party on this one. This classic splash (which you can’t even find on the Colgate/Palmolive website) is a knockout. Powder, vanilla, mint, and hints of oak and leather blended together to make a clean fresh scent with a blast of menthol. I never tried it, having used the Vijon Brut knockoff, thinking that since both are made by the same company, that SB was the “premium brand” ie rebottled at a higher price point. Boy, I was wrong. My one knock on the stuff is that it doesn’t last. But, it’s only an aftershave, so it’s not meant to, which is truly a shame. Overall, great stuff that knocks Clubman off its pedestal and goes toe-to-toe with Aqua Velva. 
PS-it pairs excellently with Charcoal Goods shaving soap. It’s all I’ve been using 

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