Alpha Shaving – Looking for a US Outlet


it is time to expand – I have three outlets in the UK and Europe and now it is time to notch it up a gear and get a USA Outlet. Anyone out there with a hankering to stock Alpha products them hit me up!! Here are some to look at

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The Weight is 170g and the knot hole is 27mm wide and as deep as you request. I can set the knot to the exact depth you require on request. If you want one then hit the appropriate link. I only had 25 made and not sure if there will be another batch. Worldwide shipping is $15 Options: – Copper/Synth $190 BUY Bare Handle BUY $175 Note that these are BARE copper. It does tarnish and this builds great character but you can also keep it shiny by using a mild cleaner for copper. I can let you know some options if required. Each item will be packed in a lovely bamboo tube and with a nice drawstring storage bag.

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