Open Comb Razor

Orange 🍊 & Amber Delight

I look forward to different days of the week; I usually have a theme for the day. Today happens to be Thursday so it’s from a “Tube”. Tubes ROCK ! They are usually compact, slick, and easy to travel with, compared to their rigid tub counterparts.

Today was going to be great as I had chose Musgo Real “Orange Amber”. This is a great transition scent as we move between summertime, and autumn. So let’s get a closer look at this classic. Musgo Real was originally made in 1920 by the Portuguese Musgo Real co. the clock has turned, and the Claus Porto Co founded in 1887, acquired Musgo Real and is now formulated by Ach. Brito

Appearance: 5/5

Musgo Real no.1 Orange Amber is a 100ml tube of shave cream. The tube utilizes a aluminum based orange packaging, that seems to be of a little thicker wall. The Orange is bold with the Musgo Real logo; a crown đź‘‘ and a very utilitarian no.1 Orange Amber embossment. Simple and to the point making this a humble visual to the cream inside. This is a higher end cream despite its packaging and falls into that price point of $22 for 100ml or, 3.5 ounces.

Performance: 4/5

This mini review can be finished in two words; Lanolin and Glycerin. This is the base of this top shelf cream. This allows the cream to have amazing glide, as well as being moisturizing, and to leave your face feeling not only healthy, but smooth as we say a baby’s bottom. The only detraction in my experience is the moderate lather it produces; many would argue this is not an issue, but I like a little thicker lather. Brush used: Envy Shave custom Silver tip Badger.

Fragrance: 5/5

This is a subjective topic as always YMMV, and one person wonderful is another’s awful (Lilac Vegetal for instance). The aroma wafted up to me as I lathered the cream with my brush. A combination of orange and musk along with a pronounced Amber, benzoin smell. I don’t usually pick up on the aroma that quickly, but this was well formulated.

Post Shave: 5/5

Wonderful as the lanolin has done its job perfectly. My face felt like a dream with a BBS outcome, but no redness or, irritation anywhere after 3 passes, and a mild touch up. I really debated if a post shave splash or, balm was needed. I ended up using Fine Accoutrements Italian Citrus, with a drop of Aqua Velva musk.

I hope this little overview of Musgo Real’s no.1 Orange Amber cream in the tube was somewhat helpful. I purchased this cream from Straight Razor Designs Musgo Real Orange Amber Happy shaves my friends, and stay smooth.

  • My daily driver- SS 303Phoenix Bomb Tip handle with a Merkur 41C OC
  • Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (1)
  • Soap: Musgo Real no.1 Orange Amber
  • Brush: Custom Envy Shave Silver tip Badger
  • Post Shave: Fine Accoutrements Italian Citrus & Aqua Velva Musk
  • Fragrance: Bvlgari Aqua Amara

SOTD: October 8th, 2014 “Chocolate Bourbon Pancakes”

Chocolate chip pancakes anyone ? Today’s shave was pretty aromatic and I was pretty sure by the end of my shave I was in an IHOP Pancake house. I went a bit untraditional for the day while staying in the theme and spirit of todays event day. It was an extremely comfortable shave and very simple so let’s get to it.

In Lieu of using the “Chocolate Bourbon” soap from Synergy which is traditional for the WSR themed day as it is our groups official scent, I decided to go with EH+ , also by Synergy soaps. Now this is where blending becomes in my opinion art. Douglas has said many times he does not want to be known for his Gourmand fragrances…. or, food like decadent scents. Well….. I hate to say it he does it too good not to be known for it. EH+ is Maple syrup, Nutmeg, and Vanilla scented and very decadent and aromatic. Upon opening the puck your hit with vanilla…. after blooming the soap or, allowing it to heat and the oils to release their aroma; the dominant scents are Nutmeg, Syrup, and then Vanilla it switches up on you. I used my New Forest 2401 in Briar and face lathered a perfect 3 pass shave with a few touch ups. This was the canvas, and part of the picture so far.


Next up again I used the HTGAM “Name Taker”, this is a great razor. Very hefty, and I have the open comb version so it is on the medium aggressive side. If I had one complaint; the handle may be a drop short for me, but this is preference, and it by no means bothers me enough that I avoid its use. I paired this heavy short beauty with that long living Voskhod ! Still not a DROP of irritation, tugging, or discomfort. As I said above three passes, and a few touch ups and I was very smooth.


Now the magic happens ! Like most things in life it’s not how you start about but where you end up. I did my standard cold water rinse, RazoRock alum; a small homage to RazoRoctober, and then I did it the magic moment. I used Chocolate Bourbon after shave ! So here we have the maple syrup, nutmeg, and Vanilla from the soap, and then I slapped on some Chocolate, Vanilla and a hint of oak and bourbon. It was Gourmand heaven !! I swore I was in a pancake house.  This aftershave matches EH+ just as well as the after shaves name sake “Chocolate Bourbon”, so there is now to options for this great scent !




This concludes my breakfast style shave 🙂 I hope you all have great shaves, and wonderful days. – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower w/ Anthony Logistics glycolic cleanser
  • Prep: Glycerin
  • Croap: Synergy “EH+”
  • Brush: New Forest 2401 in Briar
  • Razor: HTGAM “Name Taker” open comb
  • Blade: Voskhod (7)
  • Lather type: Face
  • Moustache type: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: Pinaud natural and A/G Style “Stucco”
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, RazoRock alum block
  • After shave: HTGAM “Chocolate Bourbon”
  • EDC: HTGAM “Chocolate Bourbon”


SOTD: October 1st, 2014 “Chocolate Bourbon” WOW !

Great shave today ! I am really enjoying revisiting a lot of my vintage razors and playing around with new combinations of blades. Today is Chocolate Bourbon day for me as Wednesday is WSR Wednesday’s, and today was no different though I’ll be honest, with the colder weather, the changing leaves, and autumn in swing; every inch of my being wanted to roll with a pumpkin soap ! I don’t think I have the will power not to jump on that very soon. So here we go.

Today I used my 1921 Gillette Single ring old type. I love most everything about this razor, and despite that I reviewed my records going back to January of this year, and this is only my second use this year of this razor. I am trying to keep this razor in as good of condition as possible, as I have the full set. Razor, blade banks and case fully in very good condition, but every now and again I like to indulge in these great older design razors of which this is the #466A set with seal skin case and silver plating. I used for the last time the Sputnik I have been hanging on to. The blade had a very good run at 6 uses with no issue at all. Honestly I could have continued with this blade, but as I have said before there is no reason to tempt the fates.


011Gillette std single ring006007

On to Synergy Chocolate Bourbon soap ! I have never heard more people wanting to eat a soap than this one. I am very proud that it is the official soap of the Wet Shaver Review and hence why as a group day have set Wednesdays up for a group shave day with this decadent chocolate and a splash of Bourbon soap. As is VERY normal with Synergy soaps the lather was explosive as can be I know I can literally do 2 swirls on this puck and get enough lather for 3-4 passes that are more than protective. That is what everyone I have ever met talks about; the efficacy of Synergy, but the double edge sword is it last forever ! I have yet to complete a full Synergy tin in over a year. I used one of my favorite brushes as well ! My custom Bukaty Silvertip ! Raymond Bukaty was commissioned over the summer to make me this brush, and what a fine artisan he is to work with don to the finest of details…. The funniest part is when I called him an artisan he was taken aback… he never considered himself an artisan, though anyone who has used his brushes…..well you know what I mean the guy has some serious skill !


Three passes later and not a nic, weeper, or surprise to be had. An uneventful yet amazing shave reminding me why I love this sport as the Honemeister calls it…. I finished off with really just a good cold rinse and the matching HTGAM Chocolate Bourbon aftershave. I did not need it, but I did use a balm, Proraso blue. Proraso blue is the newest in the Proraso line and contains vitamin E which aside from vitamin A and C is great for skin health. There is a slight aroma of a woodsy scent, but very mild similar to a sandalwood but extremely mil and did not conflict at all with the aroma of the Chocolate Bourbon goodness !


Great shave and start to October, but I really feel there will be some pumpkin goodness in my near future. Hope you all had great shaves as well ! – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot shower w/ Clinique facial bar
  • Prep: HTGAM pre-shave butter
  • Soap: Synergy ” Chocolate Bourbon”
  • Brush: Custom Bukaty silvertip badger
  • Razor: 1921 Gillette single ring #466A series old type style #102
  • Blade: Sputnik (6)
  • Lather: Bowl
  • Moustache: Handlebar
  • Wax and Pomade: JG compound and Axe smooth WB
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, Shavex alum
  • After shave: HTGAM “Chocolate Bourbon” splash
  • Balm: Proraso blue lotion


SOTD: August 13th, 2014

Today I had a bit of a show down of razors yesterday I used the HTGAM “Name Taker” a hefty fat handled 92 gram awesome razor very reminiscent to me of the 1914-24’ish Gillette Bulldog. Today I used the HTGAM Symmetry which the previous mentioned razor was half based upon. I found the Symmetry a pleasure to use…. not that one was better that the other as they both have advantage over the other, but the longer handle felt more comfortable in my hand. I paired the Symmetry with a new Personna Med Prep on its first use. I felt the Derby even though on its second use still had life in it I just did not like how the blade looked to be honest.


Moving forward it is Wet Shaver Review Wednesday ! that means only one thing “Chocolate Bourbon” by Synergy soaps the official soap of the “Wet Shaver Review”. I almost want to laugh or, cry when I say this today, as so much has revolved around this soap, and aftershave over the past two weeks that it has been a roller coaster emotionally. The soap itself is an enormous lathering soap full of white chocolate truffle notes, oak with a hint of bourbon I whipped this all together with my WSP Stubby in Superfine grade badger which has a stiffer backbone… the after shave is a different animal; it is a sweet and alcoholic blend that smells amazing much like the soap, but with a menthol bite that cools and adds another dimension to the finish. I would say that the after shave compliments the soap perfectly, and completes the soap ; your peanut butter to the jelly sandwich if you will . Not that you cannot use a Bay Rum as I find that is a great pairing as well…. but there is no comparison to the actual signature after shave.


I honestly am humbled that the sales of Chocolate Bourbon have far exceeded both what Synergy and WSR had ever expected selling out in under 10 minutes on both occasions and the soap is in constant demand. Despite the Limited edition nature of the after shave Douglas is bending the rules but this is the last go “for a little while”.  This may make a return at a later date seasonally. On September 1st, 2014 100 more bottles are being released. I will fill everyone in more as time goes on. I used the space I normal close my shave with to share this information. What is there to really say …. I rinsed off and used the matching after shave ! 🙂 – The End now go get your shaves on !

– Aaron

  • Pre: Hot Shower with HTGAM ATG pre shave soap
  • Prep: ATG pre-shave
  • Soap: Synergy “Chocolate Bourbon”
  • Brush: Semogue 1305 boar
  • Razor: HTGAM “Symmetry” open comb
  • Blade: Personna Med Prep (1)
  • Lather: Face and Bowl combination
  • Moustache: English
  • Wax: Pinaud black
  • Pomade: Uppercut Deluxe ( this stuff is just awesome)
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, RazoRock block alum
  • After shave: HTGAM “Chocolate Bourbon”
  • EDC: HTGAM “Chocolate Bourbon”

SOTD: August 12th, 2014 “Trafalgar Tuesday”

In keeping with my commercial or, big name brands week I moved over to one of my favorite scents. Truefitt & Hill’s Trafalgar; a wonderful mix of lime and a herbal quality meets a modern elegant mature fragrance. It takes barely anything to make a huge lather and the slickness is top-notch. I will give Truefitt & Hill for commercial soaps the seal of approval in my opinion right along side of Castle Forbes, and Trumpers or, even new comers like Baume.BE or Esbjerg (all EU brands) in the performance overall; simply a great cream. I find it is even better in my Robert’s feats of clay and whipped into a luxurious lather with my Vie-Long “Cachurro” Spanish horse hair brush.



For my razor I mixed it up, and am using for the first time my new Synergy “Name Taker” in  open comb variation ! This razor is a hybrid between the Polywog and the Symmetry; offering the best of both worlds. Weighing in at a hefty 92 grams and a “Stubby” solid handle. This open comb razor delivers the goods without a doubt, and at the affordable  price tag under $30 USD this is a must have if you like a thicker solid handle and a shorter length. I paired this with a Derby Extra on use two….. I bet this razor would shine though with a Bolzano or a Med Prep, but easily delivered a BBS literally not a single touch up and smooth as could be.


I ended the shave as I would any other; cold water rinse, Shavex alum ( minimal feedback which is great ), and finally Royall Lyme after shave splash and Captains Choice lime at a 50/50 mix, followed by a generous helping of the T&H Trafalgar balm which is featured at the top of this post.


Overall an excellent shave ! Have a great day everyone and even better shaves. – Aaron

  • Pre: Hot Shower with Anthony Logistics glycolic acid face wash and Dark Angels scrub
  • Prep: Geo  F. Trumpers WIL skin food
  • Cream: Truefitt & Hill “Trafalgar”
  • Brush: Vie-Long “Cachurro” Spanish Horse
  • Razor: HTGAM “Name Taker”
  • Blade: Derby Extra (2)
  • Lather: Scuttle
  • Moustache: English
  • Wax and Pomade
  • Post shave: Cold water rinse, Shavex alum
  • After shave: 50/50 mix Royall Lyme & Captain’s Choice lime
  • Balm: Truefitt & Hill “Trafalgar”
  • EDT: Jean Paul Gautier ” Le Male” original