Slant Bar Razor

SOTD 8-10-2018 the Spice

As they say, he who controls the spice controls…….. okay, enough Dune references. Today’s shave was fantastic. Everything from the New Forest Tubby-2 to the Oxblood Bakelite slant razor from PAA was superb. Not shown, but I’ve come to love the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Star Jelly. It really has an additive effect to the overall shave leaving your face smooth and subtle. More in depth reviews on each of these products, are to come. For now here’s to staying smooth my friends ! Cheers ūüćĽ

    Pre: Hot shower w/ Jack Blacks Face Buff
    Soap: Phoenix Arizona Accoutrements Atomic Pumpkin ūüéÉ
    Blade: Gillette made Wilkinson Sword (1)
    Brush: New Forest Tubby-2
    Aftershave: PAA Atomic Pumpkin Star Jelly
  • Fragrance: Viktor & Rolf SpiceBomb
  • Aaron’s Pick- Asylum Rx SE: By Ronald Davenport Sr.

    The Asylum Rx like many new production razors, are modern¬†“SE” or, injector light styles. The Asylum Rx, IMHO sets itself apart in many ways from looks to the shave itself.

    Our friend on the WSR Facebook Page who is equally as unique in a good way, has an opinion, and he is not afraid to voice it ! In steps Ronald Davenport, a Renaissance man in many ways, and a observant practioner of observation, as well as trial and error; will find every nook and cranny of his ever growing wet shaving collection; often posting these musings on the Facebook page. In steps Ronald in his own words about the Asylum RX !! Thanks for your contribution good sir !



    Asylum RX Razor I would start off with good Pre-Shave discipline. Using a stiff Boar for a well exfoliated growth area. Then Pre-shave Oil followed by hot towels. Then my favorite Boar, but that’s just me. Remember, you get out of a shave what you have put into it (IMHO). If you are in the workforce and have a busy out the door routine, well maybe save this experience for a day off or at night. Out of the box one will notice the fine finish on this pleasantly satin metal. That and the style. It’s like a Jaguar sitting there ready to start. The fit of parts are so tight which makes this Razors curves smooth and sleek. We could hardly ask for a more sweet sexy looking instrument. As I write this, I still have a BBS face, well almost, and I shaved last night at 8 pm. It’s now 2:30pm, I have a medium to heavy beard too. Yes I chase a BBS Shave. As far as numbers? I don’t have a number where I get to and then done.
    Sometimes I reach a four pass and touch ups, because touchups are a pass in themselves. When I get to a point that I’m happy with the shave, then I’m done. Much has been written on the topic of ‚Äú Comfort vs. Closeness‚ÄĚ. However the less scraping on our faces the better. That’s where this Asylum RX SE comes in. With a Feather Professional SE Blade ( subjective ) I think one will find an instrument which reduces the amount of work it ( razor ) is tasked with. Without reservations I can honestly say this razor gave me the best shave I have ever had, from any shaving system. This in itself, in my world is a feat, as I am a (BBS chaser), and I never expected to have this razor give me a shave even approaching a straight shave. The weight and balance are ideal. Not all of the heft is balanced, top is lighter and mostly in the handle, which speaks of how well it maneuvers in all those tight spots. Handle length is just right for a big hand but not to long for a Lady’s hand. Something about angle. Just with the eyeball it may appear to be an extreme slant when compared with some modern SE razors. However when compaired with most vintage SE standing up on the base of the handle, the angle of the blade will be very familiar, pretty close to most Vintage SE.
    It was designed to take the Feather Pro-Blade or equivalent, however the Pro-Guard blade will not work. Speaking of blades, most SE blades are rounded on the ends, right? also on the safety bar there end guards or stoppers to hold the blade even. We find this feature on most Vintage SE like MMOC by Gem. Good feature. One person from a well-known talk-ey forum said this; ‚ÄúWell, if you like aggressive razors the Rx is right up your alley. I enjoy my Rx. Incredibly efficient with a Kai blade, whether a Captain, Titan Mild Pink or the ProTouch MG. All provide smooth and clean shaves. The Feather Pro and the Rx? Now that’s when it really shows its true colors. Viciously sharp, but efficient and if used with a very light touch and care, amazing.
    A friend sent me a couple samples of the Pro and I bought 3 boxes with a coupon code from a vendor I purchase from. For me, it’s the pinnacle in achieving a fantastic, BBS shave daily. Only my 2 prized straights, Wade¬†& Butcher Wedge and Boker Celebrated are on par with it‚ÄĚ. This Razor is at the top of the Food Chain, alongside Muhle R41 (2011), and the Icon ShaveCraft Tec,. ATT H2 and lest we forget, the most aggressive adjustable, MERKUR VISION 2000.
    Thank you again Ronald, this is what we at the WSR are all about, our members helping the wet shaving community; you have the hands on knowledge. It’s¬†an honor to us to post your review. – Aaron
    If anyone is looking to have a review on any Grooming, Wet Shaving, Pipes, Pens or, anything that you are passionate about; please contact Aaron Schecter either on the Facebook group page or, at

    SOTD: May 1st, 2015 “St. James of London”

    Let the Fun Begin ! SOTD: May 1st, 2015

    Pre: Hot Shower with Clarisonic Aria with Deep Pore head and cleanser
    Cream: St. James of London “Black Pepper & Lime”
    Brush: Custom Raymond Bukaty‚Äč silvertip brush
    Razor: RazoRock Stealth V3
    Blade: Gillette 7 O’clock black Super Platinum (4)
    Lather: Direct face lather
    Moustache type: Handlebar
    Wax & Pomade: Proraso moustache wax & Reuzel Pink Heavy Hold
    Post shave: Cold water rinse
    After Shave: Captain’s Choice “Lime”
    Balm/Other: St. James of London “Black Pepper & Lime” gel
    Fragrance: Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet (Perfect Pairing !)


    Such a GREAT shave today ! of course there will be full reviews of ALL (SJOL) creams and even pomade this month, but in a few words, The “Black Pepper and Lime”¬†cream was like being in the Caribbean !¬†So many great memories from this scent; not to mention slick as can be; ¬†Shave on everyone

    Review: RazoRock “Stealth” V3.0 and SOTD: January 8th, 2015

    I have been shaving with the RazoRock Stealth now for a bit over a month, and fairly regularly at that ! It became quickly my go-to razor at the end of 2014. The video will go into much further depth than I am here, but quickly.

    Material- The Stealth is still in prototype phases and is on it’s 3rd generation of build. The razor itself is made of aluminum but is anodized for blade and rust protection. The head is CNC billet machine made for tight tolerance, while the handle is lathe turned.


    Hand feel or ergonomics- For an average size guy such as myself but has larger hands this feels perfect ! Even if your hand were a bit larger or, smaller it would still fit your hand very nicely ! The weight is on the light side at 40 grams, but the razor just seems to glide and assist you not to apply any pressure despite the low weight. Again I find the V3.0 to excel at this compared to the other versions; though that may be in my head.


    Ease of use- This is a standard 3 piece design slant that was inspired by, but not a replica of a older German Bakelite slant razor. This razor has a slight learning curve due to the head being a bit bulbous. I could not test it under the nose due to my super-awesome handlebar moustache ūüôā¬†, but I would guess to a slightly increased angle that it would shave just fine.

    Aggressiveness- I find this slant to be a contradiction. A slant by nature uses a slicing action. This one does as well ! But it is mild enough to be used as a daily shaver, and still get a BBS shave. I would not recommend a slant aside from this ever for a daily shaver as it would cause irritation and possibly be way too harsh for most peoples needs.


    Overall- In a few words, this¬†is a prototype so¬†it is not readily available. If you are on the website an see¬†it listed as¬†available I have zero reservations saying go for it ! This is an amazing shaver, a bit mild for a slant, but delivers a shave that is comfortable, and if used properly a level of safety that most razors don’t offer while allowing a BBS shave with ease.¬† Finally a daily slant bar razor; ¬†thank you RazoRock ! – Aaron


    • Pre: Clarisonic with normal head and hydrogel cleanser
    • Prep: Hot Shower and Clinique face bar
    • Soap: Catie’s Bubbles “Pomander”
    • Razor: RazoRock “Stealth” V3.0 PROTOTYPE
    • Blade: Personna Med Prep (4)
    • Lather type: Face
    • Moustache type: Handlebar
    • Wax and Pomade: TOBS Mr. Taylor’s wax & no hair dressing
    • Post Shave: Cold water rinse, RazoRock alum, Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment
    • After Shave: Alt Innsbruck
    • Balm/Other: Alt Innsbruck Emulsion
    • Fragrance: Viktor & Rolf “Spice Bomb”

    SOTD: October 6th, 2014 “Menthol Monday”

    It’s cold outside, and it’s cold on my face ! This is a scenario where 1 and 1 don’t cancel each other out… actually it makes it even colder. I love the cold as I am as general statement a pretty bodily hot guy as my wife calls me a “heater”.¬† I wish she meant like Brad Pitt “Hot” but no she means like temperature. So I love these cool shaves even when the thermometer starts to fall.

    So let’s keep it simple and relatively straight forward, I Super Lather on Monday’s as well. If you’re not familiar with this term it is when you mix a cream with a soap or, sometimes a croap.¬† Today I went with Ginger’s Garden “Arctic Mud” which I loaded very heavily, and Proraso green.¬† I know this combination, and it is slick, fragrant, and cold as ice ! This is a super lather dream combo as you really do get the best of both, in this instance the Ginger’s Garden “Arctic Mud” was the dominant scent.¬† Together it produced well more lather than needed for my 3 passes, I used my Simpsons X2L “Colonel” and bowl lathered; I almost overflowed the bowl it lathered so well.



    It was an easy choice for my razor as well, I went with my Merkur 37C Slant. There has been a bit of talk about slants on the forum, and I don’t use a slant everyday, but I bet I could; especially this one. The Merkur 37C is very intuitive and has a medium aggressive nature while never being unwieldy. This is a hands down great razor. I paired it with my Voskhod blade now on use number five ! I expect based on others to get in the neighborhood of 10 uses. These Russian Teflon coated blades, at least for me tend to last longer YMMV of course.


    Finishing off was as easy as the ice-cold shave was ! of course I did my cold water rinse, which intensified the cold from the menthol¬†in the lather ! and I used my Shavex alum which I refrigerated over-night. COLD ! Next up was some more cold water a dry down and the famous Osage Rub ! I was on the fence with Snake Bite by Fine, but I have shown Fine a lot¬†of love as of late; it was time for the¬†Osage to shine ! ¬†My hands are actually still cold as I type this.¬†I received a very close shave that slants are known for…. this is a good thing, but I get nervous about ingrown at this point and this closeness….. this is like super glide smooth on my face. So I used my Anthony Logistics Ingrown hair treatment, I actually use this fairly often though don’t usually mention it.¬† Finally while absolutely not labeled as a methylated balm, truth told it says it’s scent-free HAHAHA ! I used a combination of Anthony Logistics balm mixed with Everyman Jacks Signature mint. EMJ is a great, affordable brand that if you haven’t; you really should give a go.


    That was that my friends ! I am solidly frozen as I hope you are too ! I mean that in the nicest of ways ūüôā enjoy the day folks. – Aaron

    • Pre: Hot Shower with HTGAM/RR Lime Menthol pre-shave soap
    • Prep: Proraso Pre shave lotion
    • Croap: Ginger’s Garden “Arctic Mud”
    • Cream: Proraso green
    • Brush: Simpson’s X2L “Colonel”
    • Razor: Merkur 37C slant
    • Blade: Voskhod (5)
    • Lather type: Bowl/Face hybrid
    • Moustache: Double turned down Handlebar curled
    • Wax and Pomade: Firehouse Dark & Layrite Super Hold
    • Post shave: Cold water rinse, frozen Shavex alum
    • After shave: Osage Rub
    • Additional: Anthony Logistics Ingrown hair treatment
    • Balm: A mixture of Everyman Jack’s Signature mint and Anthony Logistics balm